University Research Council (URC) Grant Recipients


Fall 2023

Margaret Brown

Public Health & Exercise Science 

Understanding the Increased Vulnerability to Sexual Violence of College Students who are LGBTQ+ Women to Better Inform Prevention and Intervention Efforts

Brandy Bryson

Leadership & Educational Studies 

Examining the Experiences of Minoritized Faculty Candidates in the Search and Hiring Process at Four-Year Colleges and Universities 

 Kristl Davison


 Attraction and Inclusion of Neurodiverse Talent: Insights for Recruiters and Managers

Makenzi Goodman 


You Are, You Shall Return: An Archive of Dust and Desertification 

Anatoli Ignatov

 Sustainable Development

Land Grabbing from the Future Generations: The Contested Politics of Gold Mining in Ghana 

Jennifer Kurtz 

Public Health & Exercise Science 

 The Combined Effects of Quercetin and Ginger on Cycling Performance and Recovery Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

 Sandi Lane

 Nutrition & Healthcare Management

 An Examination of Student Perspectives of Careers in Aging Services and Faculty Perspectives of Teaching Topics on Aging

 Susan Lane


Learning Care of Diverse Populations Through 360-Virtual Reality Simulation: Qualitative Research Examining Nursing Students’ Experiences in Interpersonal and Clinical Therapeutic Relationships Post Simulation Training 

Heather Schier

Nutrition & Healthcare Management 

 Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Gender-Inclusive Training on Transgender Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Comfort of Dietetic Interns (GENDIET)

 Shishir Shakya

Geography & Planning 

Uncovering Maternal Healthcare Deserts: A Geospatial Exploration of Access Disparities in the United States 

Todd Stincic


Differential Effect of Estrogen Regulation on Function Subpopulations of Orexin Neurons 

 Amber Welborn


 "Story Completion" Methods Pilot

Kelly Williams

 Social Work

 Improving Access to Preventive Healthcare Among Uninsured Adults in Northwestern North Carolina: Patient Perspectives on Barriers to Preventive Healthcare Services

Wei Xie

Computer Information Systems 

 Phishing Susceptibility – a Cognitive Dissonance Persuasion Theory Research

Spring 2023

Shenghui Wu

Health & Exercise Science

Food Environment Index and Cancer Incidence in the United States

Kelly Renwick

Interdisciplinary Studies

Food Insecurity and Health Inequity among the Latine/x Community in the North Carolina High Country

Elizabeth Shay

Geography & Planning

Planning in High Places: North Carolina's High Country and the Scottish Highlands

Richard Rheingans, Julia Showalter

Sustainable Development

Carbon Flux Resistance and Resilience in Late-Stage Mixed Native Tree Plantations in Costa Rica

Kinji Ito

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

A Japanese Poet in the Early 20th Century

Leah Hamilton

Social Work

In Her Hands Guaranteed Income Pilot: PhotoVoice Project

IlaSahai Prouty


Enslaved People of Cape Ann: Research and Residency

Arezou Sadoughi

Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment

Life Cycle Assessment of a Hybrid Mass Timber Structure for Volumetric Modular Construction

Hye-Sung Kim

Government & Justice Studies

The impact of US Foreign policies on the ROK-USA alliance and peace and security on the Korean Peninsula

Katie Wolsiefer, Ayron Walker

Psychology, Nutrition & Health Care Management

Weight Stigma in Health Sciences Education

Ashley E. Adams, Shea Tuberty


Impact of Asian jumping worms on North Carolina forest ecosystems

Fall 2022

Juhee Woo


NC Smoking Project: Examining the Role of Place on Smoking Behaviors

Elizabeth Davison

Interdisciplinary Studies

Regardless of Means

Debra Prykanowski

Reading Education & Special Education

Rural Equity for Special Education: Relationship between Working Conditions, Self-Efficacy and Intent to Stay of Special Educators in the Public School Partnership

Melinda Bogardus


Testing the feasibility and impact of a whole-food plant-based diet intervention on college students' physical and mental health

Bob Kowalsky

Health & Exercise Science

Aerobic vs. Resistance Exercise Breaks for Individuals with Disabilities (CHAIR-EX)

Cuong Mai

Philosophy & Religion

The Earth, the Waters, and the Souls of Dead Humans: Imagining Vietnamese Religions from 1300-1800 CE

Brooke Christian

Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences

Stabilization of therapeutics by the tardigrade-specific protein CAHS D

Mira Waits


The Police Building as Image: Station Architecture in British Colonial India

Marketa Zimova


Mammal communities of North Carolina sky islands

Rachel Bleich


Crohn’s Disease-associated Microbial Interactions Impact Biofilm Formation

Daniel Poling

Reading Education & Special Education

Development of a Language Arts Embedded Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Upper Elementary Students: A Participatory Action Research Study

Joseph Gonzalez

Interdisciplinary Studies

Cuba's Transnational Rebellion, 1868-1898

Herman van Werkhoven

Health & Exercise Science

Validation of the OpenCap Framework to Track and Analyze Human Movement

Spring 2022

Scott Relyea


1. 'Learning to Be Colonial' & 2. 'Kham as Conduit and Crucible'

Sarah Zurhellen

Writing Across the Curriculum

Mapping WAC: A Recent History of the Teaching and Learning of Writing at Appalachian State University

Sarah Beth Hopton


A Usability Study of a Climate Mitigation Beekeeping Application for Women Beekeepers in Vietnam

Maureen MacNamara

Social Work

Who Lets the Dogs Out and How Does it Benefit Them? Determining the Influence of Pet Ownership on Older Adult Quality of Life

Jamie Griffin

Nutrition & Healthcare Management

Interprofessional collaboration using novel, mHealth technology to improve health behaviors, physical activity and biometric markers to build healthy rural communities.

James Sherman

Physics & Astronomy

Measurement-Model Comparisons of Aerosol Hygroscopicity and Radiative Properties at the NOAA/NASA Aerosol Monitoring Sites at AppalAIR

Jonathon Stickford

Health & Exercise Science

Respiratory and cardiovascular function following antioxidant supplementation in asthmatics with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction

Matthew Ogwu

Sustainable Development

Influence of Alternative Diets on Gut Microbiota and Environmental Well-being Predicted from free-range Chicken Feces

Christian Wallen

Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences

Water-Free Hydrogen Sulfide Coordination: Towards Greener Natural Gas Refining

Gregory Perreault


Moderating Hate: Journalists on Comment Moderation of Digital White Nationalism

Vicky Grube


Painting at the Easel; Young children revealing their Lives

Fall 2021
 April Flanders
 Inflection Point and Altered Environments
Nicholas Cline
Hayes School of Music
Confluent: a new work for saxophone quartet
Christopher Marier
Government and Justice Studies
Perceptions of Lethal Self-Defense: An Experiment
Susan Lane
Assessing Motivating Factors for Nurses' Pursuit of Graduate Education
Heather Ondercin
Government and Justice Studies
Understanding the Perceptions of the Political Parties and Candidate in US Elections: Coding Open-Ended ANES Questions
Sharareh Shirzad
Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment
Performance of Sustainable Concrete Containing Plastic Wastes
Richard Rheingans
Sustainable Development
New forests and Unruly Edges: Small farm innovation and restoration in the Atlantic Lowlands of Costa Rica
Travis Donovan
Digital Stone Project
Jean-Francois Fournier
Language, Literature, and Cultures
Research travel in Paris for Parisian Epiphanies manuscript
Carol Babyak
Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
Assessing the Impacts of Biogas Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Hog Waste in Sampson County, NC using Community-Based Research: Effects on Drinking Water and Nearby Streams
Rebecca Witter
Sustainable Development
Of Pig Poop and Justice: Environmental Meaning-Making in Contests over Biogas Development
Spring 2021
Sarah Carmichael
Geological and Environmental Sciences
Can trace elements detect mass extinction events in different paleoenvironments?
Abhijit Ramalingam
Absolute vs. relative poverty: An online experiment with a representative population
Denise Levy
LGBTQ+ People's Experiences in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Brook Harmon
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Validating the Caring Factor Survey-Caring for Self with Clergy
Xiaofei Tu
Languages, Literature, and Cultures
Women’s Autobiographies and 20th Century Chinese Revolution (1921-1949)
Twila Wingrove
Does the Influence of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Depend on their Gender?
Kimberly Fasczewski
Health and Exercise Science
Multiple sclerosis physical activity charity event study (MS PACES): A pilot study using behavioral economics to understand motivation for physical activity
Megen Culpepper
Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
Determining the substrate specificity of a putative DMS monooxygenase from Arthrobacter globiformis
Folarin Oguntoyinbo
Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
Co-fermentation for improving the oenological characteristics and sensorial profiles of NC wine
Brian Burke
Sustainable Development
Afro-Indigenous Approaches to Post-Disaster Reconstruction, Sustainable Development, and Climate Resilience
Andrew Caldwell
Fearful Fascination - A visual exploration of mixed-race identity in Appalachia
Fall 2020
David Russell
Exploring Illness Experiences of COVID-19 Long Haulers in Online Communities of Support
Peter Soule
Geography and Planning
A dendroclimatic reconstruction of atmospheric river precipitation in southern California
Ellen Lamont
Remaking Relationships: Appalachian Families in Flux
Bethany Mannon
Cultivating Effective Online First-Year Writing Instruction at Appalachian State University 
Volha Kananovich
Who’s picking up the tab? The effects of the news framing of spending taxpayer money on citizens’ demands for government accountability
Sharareh Shirzad
Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment
Chemical and rheological characterization of bio-oil modified asphalt binder
Francois Amet
Physics and Astronomy
Mapping electromechanical defects in electronic nano devices
Ashley Marshall
Health and Exercise Science
The Influence of Patient-Reported Outcome Measure Terminology on Symptom Reporting in Physically Active Individuals
Danielle Nunnery
Nutrition and Healthcare Management
Mapping Perinatal Health Care Resources for Western North Carolina to Examine Place-based Disparities in Maternal Health
Daniel Poling
Reading Education and Special Education
Development and Pilot Study of an Online Language Arts-Integrated Social-Emotional Learning Intervention for Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork.
Andrew Windham
Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment
Development and Testing of BN/ID Models for Controlling HVAC Processes
Spring 2020

Gregory Marler
An epidemiological study of the work, safety, and health of U.S. long-haul truck drivers
Stephen Ratchford
Health and Exercise Science
Health and Exercise ScienceCardiac Rehabilitation to Improve Muscle Metabolism-Perfusion in Patients with HFpEF
Aniseh Bro
Sustainable Development
Understanding Guatemalan Coffee Producers’ Perceptions of and Responses to Climate Change
Cara Hagan Gelber
Theatre & Dance
Amy Page
Assessing the Prevalence and Experiences of End-of-Life Doulas
Lynette Holman
Climate Change Storytelling: The Effects of Exemplification, Vividness and Narratives on Perceptions of Risk, Attitudes and Intended Behaviors
Laura Chapman
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Does a measure of cognitive effort distinguish people with and without cognitive decline: A pupillometric study of language tasks
Emily Lakey
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Let’s Make a Band! Connecting Interprofessional Learning Opportunities and Community Partnerships through an Inclusive Summer Camp Experiences
Annkatrin Rose
Isolation and characterization of endophytes from Shining Clubmoss (Huperzia lucidula)
Reza Foroughi
Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment
Adaptable Solar Shades for Small Commercial Buildings
Randy Reed
Philosophy and Religion
Digital Jesus: Using Artificial Intelligence to Advance Biblical Studies
Fall 2019Benito del PliegoLanguages, Literatures and CulturesEdition of selected poetry by Isel Rivero
Debra PrykanowskiReading Education & Special EducationA Descriptive Analysis of the Social Behaviors of Young Children with or at Risk for Autism who are Nonverbal/Minimally Verbal
Kin Yan SzetoTheatre & DanceStaging Nostalgia: Theater and Dance of the Chinese Diaspora
Jamie Griffin Nutrition & Health Care Management Use of a text message-based health behavior program to improve clinical biometric markers and health behaviors in a rural dwelling population.
Hui Chi Lee ArtCreation of a Community Engagement Art Installation: A Zen Garden Approach
Brooke ChristianChemistry & Fermentation SciencesCAHS D-mediated stabilization of monoclonal antibodies
Rich ChristianaHealth & Exercise ScienceA pilot study to prescribe outdoor physical activity to overweight/obese children and their families
Jennifer HowardHealth & Exercise SciencePutting the Highly Active Patient back-in Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: A multi-site investigation to determine patient priorities utilizing the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
Neel DasMarketing & Supply Chain ManagementHow Checkout Charity Creates Bounds for Preference Regarding a Roundup Donation Request
Ercan Oruc DuyguChemistry & Fermentation SciencesHuman Lysozyme Production from Acid Whey by Kluyveromyces lactis K7 in Continuous Mode
Jon DavenportBiologyTrophic Ecology of Southern Appalachian Forest Floor Communities
Anastacia SchullhoffSociologyCulturally Appropriate Long Term Care for Native American Elders: A Comparative Ethnography of Two Tribal Nursing Homes
Hannah RiegelGeological & Environmental SciencesThree-dimensional characterization of hydraulically fractured fault rock
Spring 2019Dana BrackneyNursingSchool Based Dance Intervention for Child Fitness
Mina MinCurriculum and InstructionWhat Empowers Teachers as Change Agents for Social Justice? Exploring Factors Impacting Teachers’ Culturally Responsive Teaching
Derek MartinGeography and PlanningHydrological analysis of tropical Andean headwater streams
Cole EdwardsGeological and Environmental SciencesConstraining the timing of Devonian anoxic conditions — did global anoxia cause the Late Devonian mass extinction?
Andrew MonroePsychologyMoral Judgment in Everyday Life
Susan MillsHayes School of MusicMusic: Agency for Social Change
Jordan HazelwoodCommunication Sciences and DisordersExamining the Effect of Implementing a Standardized Approach for the Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)
Lynn SieffermanBiologyThe dynamics of population density, animal personality and disease prevalence
Michael OpataBiologyEffect of Malnutrition During Pregnancy on Young Mice
Susan DollSustainable Technology and the Built EnvironmentCFD Modeling for Improving Particle Removal Efficiency in a Multi-room Test Home
Cuong MaiPhilosophy and ReligionAs the Crow Flies: Photographs of Appalachian Makers
Joshua WhiteArtTraditions and Transformations in Early-modern Vietnamese Religions
Fall 2018Matthew RogatzkiHealth & Exercise ScienceBlood Biomarkers of Concussion in Adult Rugby Players
Jaewon OhSustainable Technology and the Built EnvironmentDeveloping a realistic thermal model for a residential solar photovoltaic system
Dana PowellAnthropologyIndigeneity, Electricity and Water: Ethnographic and Global Perspectives on Diné and Māori Natural Resources
Stella AndersonManagementFaculty Employment Rights and Grievance Hearing Procedures in Public, Non-Union Universities
Rebecca Payne JordanReading Education and Special EducationThe Influence of Early Learning and Development Standards on Preschool Teachers’ Content Knowledge, Early Literacy Practices, and Sensitivity to Literacy Milestones in Children’s Play
Adam BookerHayes School of MusicMissa Brevis and Seven Last Words From the Cross
Maggie SuggGeography and PlanningExposure to Thermal Extremes and Seasonal Trends in Hypertensive Complications During Pregnancy: A Retrospective Study of Women in North Carolina
Fangxiao LiuSustainable Technology and the Built EnvironmentSoil Erosion Monitoring Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology
Zach FarrisHealth & Exercise ScienceConnecting the dots from cats to humans: Exploring Toxoplasmosis transmission in Madagascar
Felicia ArriagaSociologyMapping Crimmigration in NC
IlaSahai ProutyArtCreation of Sculptural Paper Props for Collaborative Performance
Spring 2018              Pia AlbinssonMarketingAdvertising Effectiveness of Rhetoric Works and Emotional Appeals in Preventative Health Communications
Brian BullaGovernment & Justice StudiesCollaborative Watershed Governance in the New River: Institutions, Actors, and Policy Coherence
German Campos-MunozEnglishPlus Ultra: Five Studies of the Classics in South America
Jennifer DaltonCommunication Sciences & DisordersPerceptual Discrimination of Hierarchically Related Speech Stimuli in Children with Speech Sound Disorder: A Pilot Study
Jennifer GeibBiologyUntangling the webs of species associated with below-ground cavities utilized by bumble bees – a new application of the “nest web” concept
Brooke HofsessArtWild Preserving: Cultivating Ecologies of Girlhood in Appalachia
Jacqueline IgnatovaSustainable DevelopmentFood sovereignty in the High Country
Eric KarchmerAnthropologyOn the danger of popsicles and other modern commodities: nurturing children in contemporary China
Jeana KleinArtSocial Media and Social Practice: Collaborating with Community in the Trumpian Era
Harry MaddoxCultural, Gender, & Global StudiesAmerican Residential Colleges: The Past 50 Years
Marco MeucciHealth & Exercise ScienceThe effects of play-based physical activity on cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness in children
Darren SealsBiologyOncolytic Virus-mediated Tumor-associated Macrophage Modulation in Breast Cancer
Johnathan SuggGeography & PlanningThe Changing Hydroclimatology of the Southeastern U.S.
Kyle ThompsonNutrition & Health Care ManagementAssessing Food Pantry Capacity in Eighteen Northwest North Carolina Counties through a Regional Food Bank Partnership
Mira WaitsArtColonial Carcerality: The Birth of the Modern Prison in India
Fall 2017                Mark Venable, Cara L. FioreBiologyShedding Light on Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence: Search for a New Mechanoreceptor
Sarah CarmichaelGeologyLooking for the Kellwasser Event in all the wrong places: fieldwork in SW Mongolia
Elizabeth CarrollEnglishWomen of the Grateful Dead
Andrea CheesemanMusicSomewhere: Recording project
Aruna Weerasinghe, Dale E. WheelerChemistrySynthesis and Characterization of Novel Fluorescent Eu3+ Complexes for the Detection of V-Type Nerve Agents
Jill EhnennEnglishInfamous Forms: Victorian Drunkards, Dandies, and Forgeries
Adam HegeHealth & Exercise ScienceFood insecurity and other health challenges in a rural North Carolina community: What are the environmental and cultural barriers and what can be done?
Anatoli IgnatovSustainable DevelopmentWho Owns the Land? Power, Belonging, and the Remaking of History in Ghana
Sandi LaneNutrition & Health Care ManagementHazard Vulnerability Assessment for Nursing Homes in the Southeastern US
Maurice MeilleurArtPrinciples and genealogy of modular type
Alan NeedleHealth & Exercise ScienceStimulating the Cortex to Rehabilitate Injury-induced Plasticity (SCRIPt)
Peter SouléGeography & PlanningTree-growth responses in semiarid western juniper woodlands following two decades of increasing aridity: A longitudinal study in central Oregon
Brock StoddardEconomicsDoes reducing inequality increase cooperation?
Mary StolbergAccountingNorth Carolina's Unheralded Role in the Federal Income Tax
Chris ThaxtonPhysics & AstronomyOptimizing planetary boundary and surface layer schemes in the WRF model using cold-season radiosonde data over the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Jennifer WestermanSustainable DevelopmentLandscapes of Labor: Class, Precarity, and Environmental Justice in Appalachian Literature
Rebecca WitterSustainable DevelopmentRhino Poaching, Poverty, and Resettlement in Mozambique's Limpopo National Park
Spring 2017             Brooke ChristianChemistryMaturation of white fat cells is inhibited by increased antioxidants in mitochondria
E Cecelia ConwayEnglishBlack Banjo Roots of Appalachia
Cole EdwardsGeologyDid oxygen-poor conditions (anoxia) in shallow ocean environments cause the Late Devonian mass extinction?
Dinesh Paudel, Gregory ReckSustainable Development, AnthropologyThe Politics of NGO Involvement in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal
Melissa GutschallNutrition & Health Care ManagementDevelopment of a sustainable public-private partnership model to improve nutrition status and food security in Watauga County.
Ann KaplanCultural, Gender, & Global StudiesP a s s a g e / s - Lost & Found Photography, Refugee Crises, and Privilege
Rebecca KappusHealth & Exercise ScienceSex Differences in Oxidative Stress and Implications on Vascular Function
Edward MerrittHealth & Exercise ScienceThe performance data and physiological profile of an elite ultra-endurance cyclist competing in the Race Across America (RAAM)
Robert PerdueSociologyFrom Natural Resources to Prisons: Assessing the Social Impacts of Shifting Economic Dependence
Jody ServonArtCreation of a Participatory Art Project and an Art Installation for a Solo Exhibition
Elizabeth ShayGeography & PlanningThe promise of accessibility: relationships between anticipated and realized travel of residents of new private student housing
James ShermanPhysics & AstronomySensitivity of SE US aerosol direct radiative forcing and satellite-based aerosol retrievals to aerosol vertical distributions
Kin-Yan SzetoTheatre & DanceThe Art of Crossing Cultures: Performing Literature in Chinese and American Perspectives
Jason XiongComputer Information SystemsICT for Sustainable Development: Adoption Decision and Interventions of Small Businesses in the United States and China
Fall 2016              Wendy Win, Jennifer Gray, Joseph CazierCommunication, Computer Information Systems, EnglishTying Up Loose Ends: Understanding the Pink Ribbon
Megen CulpepperChemistryDetermining the structure of an enzyme involved in climate regulation by X-ray protein crystallography
Frankie FloodArt3D Printed Prosthetic and Adaptive Device Development
Hessam GhamariApplied DesignQuality of Life in Assisted Living Facilities: Identification of the Outdoor Attributes as Influential Factors of Therapeutic Environments
Carolyn HuffmanNursingLifestyle modification in the management of PCOS related infertility: Patient and provider perspectives.
Joy JamesRecreation Management & Physical EducationPromoting Nature-Based Play Therapy: The School Counselors’ Perspective
Mary KinkelBiologyDevelopment of an in vivo model to study intestinal motility disorders.
Newly PaulCommunicationCorrecting misperceptions of political bias: Does thematic coverage of gender bias reduce perceptions of sexism in politics?
IlaSahai ProutyArtElectroformed Copper, Powdered Glass and Screenprinting
Scott RelyeaHistoryLearning to Be Colonial: ‘Effective occupation’ and early twentieth century Chinese settlement of eastern Tibet
Jennifer SnodgrassMusicBridging the Gap: Stories from the Field
Paul WallaceLeadership & Educational StudiesSocial Robots as Conversation Partners for Students with Classroom Anxiety
Dieter WeberChemistryThe Development of Microwave-Assisted Diels-Alder / [3,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement Cascade
Andrew WindhamSustainable Technology & the Built EnvironmentDesigning better buildings: Comparing virtual reality experiences to actual buildings spaces
Ji YanEconomicsThe Effect of Maternal Education on Infant and Maternal Health: New Causal Evidence
Spring 2016               Richard Gray & Brad ConradPhysics & AstronomyA High Altitude Balloon for Astronomical Research
Jennifer CecileChemistryProbing Pharmaceutical Transporter Protein Binding Dynamics with Fluorescent Labels
Kara DempseyGeography & Planning"Safe Spaces" Post-Conflict Zones and the Geography of a Divided City (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Jennifer GeibBiologyCan Metapopulation Dynamics and Gene Flow Buffer Mountain Bumble Bees from Direct and Indirect Impacts of Climate Change?
Sarah Beth HoptonEnglishCommunicating the Science of Agent Orange
Robert Eskridge & Kathryn Webb FarleyGovernment & Justice StudiesAddressing the Gender Gap in City Managers: What Attracts and Retains Women and What Difference Does it Make for Governing?
Robert Norris & Kevin MullinixGovernment & Justice StudiesRace, Wrongful Convictions, and Support for Capital Punishment
Emily LakeyCommunication Sciences & DisordersSupporting Social and Academic Success in College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Tracy Smith & Lindsay MaslandCurriculum & InstructionAppalachian and Baltimore: Raising Awareness and Safety for Everyone (RAISE) Program
Ray MillerTheatre & DanceThe Congress on Research in Dance: A History
Dana PowellAnthropologyIndigeneity, Electricity and Water: Ethnographic and Global Perspectives on Diné and Maori Natural Resources
Abigail StickfordHealth & Exercise ScienceA Comparison of Neural Cardiovascular Control in Physically Active and Sedentary Young Women
Maggie SuggGeography & PlanningPersonal Monitoring of Occupational Heat Exposure: An Environmental Participatory Sensing Study
Tonya Coffey & Suzanna BrauerPhysics & AstronomyAdapting Anti-microbial Nanoparticle Coatings for Use on Climbing Wall Holds: A Pilot Study
Lauren Waterworth, Andrew Heckert, & Travis DonovanGeologyBuilding the First Life-size Reconstruction of an Aetosaur in North America: Restoring the Extinct Fossil Reptile Gorgetosuchus
Xiaofei TuLanguages, Literatures, and CulturesJapanese War Museums and the Politics of Memories
Fall 2015            Jessica BlackburnEnglishWine Rhetorics of Appalachia
Angela Losardo, Derek DavidsonCommunication Sciences & Disorders, Theatre & DanceTheatre and Therapy: An Exploratory Pilot Study
Hessam GhamariApplied DesignExamining Eye Fixation During Wayfinding in Unfamiliar Healthcare Environments
Cameron GokeeGeneral EducationBandafassi Regional Archeological Project
Cara Hagan-GelberTheatre & DanceExploring the Effects of Cultural Reassignment in Dance
Wendy Winn, Jennifer Gray, Joseph CazierCommunication, Computer Information Systems, EnglishAssessing Public Perception of the Pink Ribbon
Cynthia Liutkus-PierceGeologyMonkeys and Apes, Living Together? What Factors Made Loperot (Kenya) a Unique Environment in the Early Miocene?"
Maureen MacNamaraSocial WorkWhat Does it Take to Take Your Dog to Work?
Lynn SieffermanBiologyProximate Endocrine Determinants of Behaviors that Facilitate Rapid Range Shift of Tree Swallows
Alexandra Sterling-HellenbrandLanguages, Literatures, and CulturesMedieval Literature on Display: Memory, History, and Re-Imagining Germany in the Nibelungenmuseum
Jonathon StickfordHealth & Exercise ScienceRespiratory Limitations, Exercise Tolerance, and Exertional Dyspena Following Acute Electronic Cigarette Use
Robert SwarthoutChemistryMeasuring and Predicting Changes in Self-Cleansing Capacity of the Atmosphere
Tricia TreacyArtDesign Inquiry Fellowship
Spring 2015               Michael Hambourger and Dale WheelerChemistryCobalt Amidoxime Complexes For Hydrogen Production at Neutral pH
Bruce DickEnglishForgotten Chapter: Richard Wright, Playwrights, and the Modern Theater
David DickinsonEconomicsSleepiness and Asset Market Behavior in Global Markets
Jill EhnennEnglishBernard Berenson and the influence of Renaissance art on Michael Field's Catholic Poems
Richard Christiana, Joy James, and Rebecca BattistaHealth & Exercise Science, Recreation Management & Physical EducationPromoting Outdoor Physical Activity Among Children: The Pediatrician's Perspective
Jeremiah KitundaHistoryThe Wit and Wisdom of Akamba: A Collection of East African Proverbs
Scott LudwigArtResearch of Sustainable Printmaking Processes at Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier: Contemporary, Collaborative Printmaking Workspace
Derek MartinGeography & PlanningCharacterizing the Geomorphology of an Amazonian Headwater Stream Prior to Hydropower Development
Paulette MartyTheatre & DanceContemporary Women Stage Directors: Twenty Interviews
Chishimba (Nathan) Mowa and Maryam AhmedBiologyIsolation and identification of Moringa Oleifera subtractions with anti-inflammatory activities
D. Jason MillerTechnology & Environmental DesignBackPacked Architecture: The Life Cycle of Appalachian Trail Shelters
Steven SeagleBiologyEffect Of Landscape Connectivity On Distributions Of The Lone Star Tick And The Pathogen Rickettsia amblyommii
Reeves ShulstadMusicCritical Edition of the Music of Tui St. George Tucker
Herman van WerkhovenHealth & Exercise ScienceUsing built-in smartphone sensor technology to accurately measure impact loading during physical activity - a feasibility study
Johnny WatersGeologyHow the Late Devonian Climate (375,000,000 years ago) tells us what to expect in the next 100 years: Global and Interdisciplinary
Thomas WhyteAnthropologyPermanent Residence and Ceramic Production during the Medieval Warm Period, A.D. 900-1300, in the Appalachian Summit
Fall 2014            Janet BeckLearning Assistance ProgramWho Writes History? And Why Should We Care?
Ellen CowanGeologyTracking Coal Ash Spilled into Rivers in Tennessee and North Carolina using Magnetic Methods
Elizabeth Cramer & John BoydLibraryRoom to Read and Read Global: The Impact of International Library Development in Nepal
Benito del PliegoLanguages, Literatures, and CulturesEdition of Juan Larrea’s “Luz Iluminada” manuscript
Richard Gray & Michael BrileyPhysics & AstronomyDark Sky Observatory Telescope Automation for the Young Solar Analogs Project
Andy HeckertGeologyObtaining big rewards from small fossils—an automated wet sieving apparatus
Ellen LamontSociologyThe Mating Game: Women, Men, and Courtship in an Era of Gender Upheaval
James LancasterHuman Development & Psychological CounselingStudent Support Services in the United Kingdom: An assessment of theory, philosophy, structure and practices
Denise LevySocial WorkBisexual Individuals With a Christian Upbringing: Resolving Conflict Between Sexual Identity and Religious Beliefs
IlaSahai ProutyArtPowder Printing on Glass
Iryna SharaievskaRecreation Management & Physical EducationStrategies used by youth, their families and recreational youth programs to address cyberbullying
Peter SouléGeography & PlanningAre the Effects of Changing Arctic Sea Ice Extent and Temperature Recorded in Tree-ring records of High-elevation Conifers?
Yu-Ju (Mandy) WuTechnology & Environmental DesignSpot Color Matching Capability of Digital Package Prototyping and Short-run Packaging Production
Spring 2014          Jeffrey BortzHistoryThe Mexican Labor Regime from Revolution to Defeat
Judkin BrowningHistoryReverberations of Battle: How the Battle of Gettysburg Affected Soldiers, Families, and Communities
Birsen BulmuşHistoryHistory of Syphilis in the Ottoman Empire & Modern Turkey
Lynette HolmanCommunicationPerceptions and processing of visual information, Part 3
Patricia JohannComputer ScienceHigher-order Unification modeled as Neural Networks (HUmaNN)
Susan LappanAnthropologyAfter the Fires: Long-Term Responses of an Endangered Ape Population to Anthropogenic Habitat Damage
Lucinda McCrayHistoryRustic Recreation: Seeking Health in the North Woods, 1880-1945
Alan NeedleHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceInfluence of Ankle Injury on Joint Laxity, Corticospinal Excitability, and Function
L. Baker PerryGeography & PlanningMultiscale Investigations of Tropical Andean Precipitation
Amy RutenbergHistoryCitizen-Civilians: Masculinity, Citizenship, and American Military Manpower Policy, 1945-1975
David McEvoy and Todd CherryEconomicsThe Role of Cultural Worldviews on Cooperative Behavior
Fall 2013           Maryam AhmedBiologyAlteration of Prostate Cancer Metastasis by Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) in Conjunction with Natural Products
Jennifer McGee and Amanda WertsCurriculum & Instruction, RCOE Dean's OfficeData Use in Rural School Districts: Understanding the NC Final Exams
Kevin BurnhamLanguages, Literatures, and CulturesUsing Distributional Learning to Improve Perception of Second Language Phoneme Contrasts
William HarbinsonMusicFive for Two to Five: Chamber Music of William Harbinson
Sarah Carmichael and Johnny WatersGeologyCritical Intervals Between Critical Transitions: Geochemistry of Late Devonian Mass Extinctions
Kathryn KirkpatrickEnglishEnraptured Space: Gender, Class, and Ecology in the Work of Paula Meehan
Cynthia Liutkus-PierceGeologyA Place AND Time: Numerical Age Dating of the Engare Sero Human Footprints (Tanzania)
Kim Becnel, Robin Moeller, and Nita MatzenLeadership & Educational StudiesNorth Carolina Public Library Summer Reading Programs: Uncovering the Motivations of Participants and Non-participants
Carol PollardComputer Information SystemsA Comparison of Types of Project, Program and Portfolio Managers' Skills and Competencies and Perceived Corporate Support at Each Level Across Industry Sectors
Steven SeagleBiologyEvaluating the Distribution of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases in the Urban-Suburban Landscape of Mecklenburg County, N.C.
Caroline SmithHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceCardiovascular Adaptations with Heat Treatment Pre- and Early-Stage Type 2 Diabetic Humans
Jason WhiteHistoryMerchants of the Levant: England and the Islamic World, 1581-1754
Spring 2013                Andrew HeckertGeologyAnalyzing Aetosaurs from Argentina: An International Triassic Paleontology Project
Edward MerrittHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceProlonged Skeletal Muscle Catabolism Following Severe Burn Injury: Role of Systematic and Local Muscle Inflammation on Genetic and Molecular Mediators of Skeletal Muscle Mass
Lynn SieffermanBiologyMate Choice for Personality in Eastern Bluebirds
Kyle Thompson and Melissa GutschallNutrition & Health Care ManagementFormative Research to Identify Priority Areas for Development of a Rural-Focused Interdisciplinary Simulated Practice Model for Training Dietetic Interns
Cameron Lippard and Tim SmithSociology & AnthropologyTextures of Hardship: Assessing Mexican Immigrant Economic Conditions and Strategies for Coping with Poverty in Southern Appalachia
Shawn ArthurPhilosophy & ReligionLived Religions in China
Michelle FlippinCommunication Sciences & DisordersFathers’ Participation in Language Intervention for Children with Autism: Understanding Involvement, Uncovering Barriers, Identifying Needed Supports
James HouserTechnology & Environmental DesignA Low-cost, farm-scale Biogas Digester for Cold Climates
Jamie LevineGeologyCharacterization of the nature of the fault bounding the Tallulah Falls Dome, northeast Georgia
Scott LudwigArtLarge Format/Digital/Experimental Printmaking Processes: Artist Residency at Kala Art Institute, Berkley, CA
Pamela LundinChemistryDevelopment of New Suzuki Polymerization Conditions Suitable for Boron-Containing Thiophene Monomers
Michael MadritchBiologyDevelopment of Hyperspectral UAV Platform for Forest Canopy Research
Terence MilsteadGeography & PlanningReading the Writing on the Walls: Links between Urban Graffiti, Gentrification and Other Socio-Demographic Trends in Quito, Ecuador
Dana PowellAnthropologyLandscapes of Power: Energy Development of the Navajo Nation
Jennifer SnodgrassMusicContemporary Musicianship: Analysis and the Artist
Kin-Yan SzetoTheatre & DancePerformance Analysis of David Henry Hwang's Major Plays: A Cross-Culture Perspective
Jennifer ZwetslootHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceThe Acute metabolic Response to Energy Deficit
Fall 2012             Howard Neufeld and Ted ZeruchaBiologyDifferential Gene Regulation as a Factor Affecting Sensitivity of Soybean Cultivars to Ozone
Kristan CockerillInterdisciplinary StudiesPublic Attitudes about Water Management in Western North Carolina
Brad ConradPhysics & AstronomyOptimization of Organic Solar Cells
Joseph GonzalezInterdisciplinary StudiesInventing Cuba: The American Empire in Cuba, 1898-1902
Tom HansellCenter for Appalachian StudiesAfter Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities
Jeff HolcombGovernment & Justice StudiesGreening North Carolina's Prison System: An Interdisciplinary Investigation
Guichuan HouBiologyStudy of the Root and Lateral Root Development in the Fern Ceratopteris Richardii
Cathy McKinneyMusicThemes and Images Experienced by Women with Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer during Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music Sessions
Diane MinesAnthropologyForest Knowledge in Tamilnadu, India (part of the larger project: Wilderness as Trope in the Contemporary Tamil World)
Christopher OsmondLeadership & Educational StudiesNarrative Pedagogy in Education of Undergraduate Students in the Caring Professions
IlaSahai ProutyArtMeaning through Repetition: Blown Glass Multiples and Monoprints
Tatyana RusevaGovernment & Justice StudiesLand Conservation and Social Capital in South-Central Appalachia
James ShermanPhysics & AstronomyImproved Estimates of Aerosol Direct Rediative Effects in the Southeastern U.S.
Peter SouléGeography & PlanningGrowth responses of ponderosa pine to warming climatic conditions along elevational gradients in the Northern Rockies, USA
Spring 2012            Pam BrewerEnglishEngineering Communication in Global Virtual Teams
James (Allen) BryantCurriculum & InstructionNoon day sun: Education and the Eastern band of Cherokee Indians
Chad EverhartTechnology & Environmental DesignFarmitecture: A Visual Narrative of Buildings and Structures at the Blackburn/Vannoy Farms
Jamie FearringtonPsychologyEducational reform: What factors influence teacher acceptance of new practices?
Mike GangloffBiologyConservation Genetics of Southern Appalachian Freshwater Invertebrates
Vicky GrubeArtA Study of Ethical Behavior: Towards a New School Art
Mark NystromArtWind Drawings
Annkatrin RoseBiologyFunctional Analysis of the FLIP4 Protein Family in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Andrew SmithPsychologyDo pretests enhance classroom learning: Evaluating the pretesting effect
Bruce StewartHistoryHerman Husband's World: Radicalism and the Failed Promise of the American Revolution
Xiaofei TuPhilosophy & ReligionHumanistic Buddhism in the Global Context
Johnny WatersGeologyAnalysis of Samples from the Devonian of Mongolia
Ok-Youn YuTechnology & Environmental DesignReal-Time Monitoring of Landfill Gas Using Remote Sensing Technology
Fall 2011        Maryam AhmedBiologyControl of Antiviral Responses in Cancer Cells by Natural Products
Joseph BathantiEnglishAlma Stone Williams
Charlie ChenComputer Information SystemsThe Efficacy of Social Technology in Delivering Case Method Instruction
Richard ElaverTechnology & Environmental DesignModular Organic Building System
Lisa EmeryPsychologyInfluences of Future Thought in Adult Development
Jeana KleinArtAbandoned Houses and Their Invented Narratives: A Series of Mixed Media Artworks
Terence MilsteadGeography & PlanningResident-Initiated Home Repair and Improvement in Cuba: A Qualitative Study
David MorrisHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceUse of Sodium to Increase Fluid Consumption and Improve Exercise Performance in the Heat
Yu-Ju WuTechnology & Environmental DesignSustainable Development and Color Reproduction Study of Tree-free Paper
Spring 2011           Suzanna BräuerBiologyAntibiotic production gene diversity among fungi in caves
Judkin BrowningHistoryA Midsummer Nightmare: How the Battle of Gettysburg Changed Communities North and South
Will CanuPsychologyPotential Diagnostic Criteria for ADHD in Emerging Adulthood
Terry McClannon, Sara Zimmerman, Barbara HowardCurriculum & Instruction, Leadership & Educational StudiesEffect of Student Use of Handheld Devices on the Development of 21st Century Learning Skills among Middle Grades Students
Michael KrennHistoryForeshadowing Deeper Shadows to Come: Race, Science, and the Coming of the Civil War
John Corley, Carol PollardComputer Information SystemsExploring the Potential in Computer Energy Efficiency: Continuation of An Empirical Study of Energy and Cost Savings using Simple Device to Control Computer Sleep Studies at Appalachian State University
Annkatrin RoseBiologySubcellular targeting and functional domain analysis of AtFLIP4
Peter SouleGeography & PlanningComparing Infected and Non-infected Ponderosa Pine Trees by the Mountain Pine Beetle in Montana: A Dendroecological Approach
Saskia van de GevelGeography & PlanningCarolina Hemlock Dendroecology Archive Project, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Heather WaldroupArtUnpublished Photographic Collections at the Getty Library, Bishop Museum, and Hawaiian Archives
Paul WallaceLeadership & Educational StudiesA Cross-Cultural Study on Affect Toward Online Learning Environments
Wendy XieForeign Languages & LiteraturesLove without Desire: Female Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera
Fall 2010           Jeffrey ColbyGeography & PlanningWater Quality and Land Cover Relationships in the New River Basin
Scott Collier, David DickinsonEconomics, Health, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceThe effects of moderate exercise on behavioral task outcomes
Lynn DuryeaArtResearch, Generation and Documentation of Mixed Media Sculpture
Richard GrayPhysics & AstronomyThe Young Solar Analogs Project
Melissa GutschallNutrition & Health Care ManagementEvaluation of a Nutrition Intervention Targeting Food Choices among Pre-Adolescent Children in Watauga County
Rosemary HorowitzEnglishThe Legacy of Yiddish Women Writers
James HouserTechnology & Environmental DesignBiogas Potential of Plant Biomass and Food Wastes
Ryan JonesHistoryFinns and Fins" Ch. 3 of A History of Whaling in the Russian Empire
Lisa Curtin, Susan E. KeefeAnthropology, PsychologyAppalachian Illness Narratives of Depression
Vachel MillerLeadership & Educational StudiesAn investigation of child labor law enforcement in Northern Uganda
IlaShai ProutyAnthropologyBlown Glass Component Development for Sculpture and Installation
James ShermanPhysics & AstronomyInitial Studies of Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions in the Southern Apps
Spring 2010             Christopher BadurekGeography & PlanningGIS Assessment of Mountain Hazards Mitigation in the Guatemalan Highlands
Kevin BallingCommunicationFilm Collaboration with Joseph Bathanti
Stephanie West, Becki BattistaHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceTesting the Efficacy of Geocaching as a Means for Promoting PA
Suzanna BrauerBiologyPilot study of microbial community diversity in caves
Daniel CatonPhysics & AstronomyA Search for a Stellar Flare Cycle in the Binary Star CM Draconis
Jennifer Perry CecileChemistryOrganic Anion Transporter Function in Caenorhabditis elegans
Jari ElorantaHistoryPortuguese Trade with Small and Neutral States during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Conflicts
Lynne GetzHistoryThe Wetherill Wives: the Women of a Pioneering Four Corners Family
Chuanhui GuGeologyA Heat Pulse Method for Measuring Sediment Water Flux
Dale Wheeler, Michael HambourgerChemistryHydrogen Production Using Ruthenium/Cobalt Catalysts
Andrew HeckertGeologyTiming Triassic Theropod Evolution--Were dinosaurs evolving rapidly before they dominated the earth
Alecia JacksonLeadership & Educational StudiesThinking with Theory in Qualitative Research: Using Epistemological Frameworks in the Production of Meaning
Scott LudwigArtCreative Research Residency at Beijing Studio
Lynn SieffermanBiologyThe Influence Of Maternal Social Aggression On Offspring Growth, Behavior and Immunity
Fall 2009          Michael C BehrentHistoryMichel Foucault and the French Liberal Turn of the 1970s
Jeffrey BortzHistoryFrom Victory to Defeat: Gangsters, Workers, and Citizens in Mexico's Labor Regime
Sarah CarmichaelGeologyCharacterization of Manganese Oxides in Southern Appalachian Caves
Eric FraumanHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceUsing a GIS Approach to Determine Recreation Stakeholder Group Use and Perception of the Wilson Creek Watershed
Eva GonzalesBiologyDeveloping the Next Generation of Biofuels for the SE US
Michael KrennHistoryDr. Morton's Skulls: Science, Race, and Inhumanity in Nineteenth Century America
Cynthia LiutkusGeologyIn the Footsteps of our Ancestors: A Geological Investigation into the Volcanic Origin and Preservation of a Human-Footprinted Ash in Northern Tanzania
Jamie RussellTechnology & Environmental DesignLow Cost, High R Value, Low Embodied Energy Insulation Systems (Lo-C/Hi-R/Lo-E Insulation)
Kin-Yan SzetoTheatre & DanceModernizing Beijing Opera: The Cross-Cultural Influences in Eastern and Western Theatre
Michael J TurnerHistoryThe Social and Political Condition of Durham Miners, 1919-1939
Kevin ZwetslootHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceAnalysis of Inflammatory Cytokines in Young and Old Skeletal Muscle
Spring 2009            David BrunerEconomicsExperimental Investigation of Private Property Rights Creation
Scott CollierHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceThe Effect of Aerobic Exercise vs. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibition on Hemodynamic, Vascular and Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Individuals with Pre-to Stage-One Hypertension
Susan EdwardsBiologyOsmoregulation in Downstream Migrating Sea Lamprey
Eric GroceCurriculum & InstructionThe Ripples of War: German Occupation and the Allied Invasion through the Eyes of the Children of Normandy
Amy KnabHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceChanges in Physical Activity Behavior due to Caloric Restriction are Mediated by Changes in the Dopamine System
Michael MadritchBiologyEcosystem Consequences of Genetic Variation in Pioneer Tree Species along an Elevational Gradient
David MorrisHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceComparison of Lactate, pH, and Ventilatory Thresholds During Cylcling Ergometry
Mark NystromArtSP Weather Station Weather Report and Future Artworks
Tim RadakFamily & Consumer SciencesEffect of Chronic and Acute Red Wine Consumption on Selected Risk Factors for Disease, Oxidative Stress, and Plasma Antioxidant Capacity
Martin RootFamily & Consumer SciencesEffect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Exercise on Arterial Health
Annkatrin RoseBiologyInvestigation of Choloplast Coiled-Coil in Arabidopsis thaliana
Jamie RussellTechnology & Environmental DesignResearch of Existing Structure Wall Insulation Techniques (RESWIT)
Thomas WhyteAnthropologyGround Penetrating Radar Survey of the Colvard Archaeological Site, Ashe Co., NC
Fall 2008            Edwin ArnoldEnglishA Preliminary Textual Examination of the Cormac McCarthy Papers in the Southwest Writers Collection, Texas State University at San Marcos
Suzanna BräuerBiologyQuantitative monitoring of gene expression by Methanoregula boonei strain 6A8
Cheryl ClaassenAnthropologyRadiocarbon dating Archaic mounds
Mary ConnellBiologyIdentification of Genes Expressed in Scytosiphon lomentaria in Response To Photoperiod
Ryan EmanuelGeologyAre Sky Islands "Hot Spots" for Carbon Sequestration? A Comparative Analysis and Case Study
Ryan JonesHistoryEmpire of Extinction: Nature and Natural History in the Russian North Pacific, 1739-1820
Ece KaratanBiologyEffect of Polyamine Synthesis and Transport on Vibrio cholerae Biofilm Formation
Jeana Eve KleinArtProducing, Documenting, Marketing and Exhibiting New Studio Artwork
Susan MillsMusicFreedom Song: Post Apartheid Expressions in Choral Music
Jamie MoulHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceCritical Thinking Dispositions as a Predictor of Clinical Reasoning Skills in Undergraduate Athletic Training Students
Libby PuckettChemistryDevelopment of a Whole-Cell Based Biosensing System for the Determination of Bioavailability of β-Lactam Antibiotics
Andrew ShanelyHealth, Leisure, & Exercise ScienceDetermining how quercetin increases formation of new mitochondria in muscle
Brett TaubmanChemistryObservational and Modeling Studies of Aerosol Impacts in the Southern Appalachian Region
Spring 2008                Chris Thaxton, William AndersonGeography & Planning, Physics & AstronomyConstraining steambead heterogeneity with spatially and temporally dense thermal measurements
Carol BabyakChemistryQuantification of Chloride in Boone Creek using Ion Chromatograpy
Joseph BathantiEnglishNino Ricci and Italian Canadian Writers
Nicole BennettChemistrySynthesis of Biodiesel Using Acidic Clay Catalysts
Judkin BrowningHistoryThe Effects of Union Military Occupation during the U.S. Civil War
April FlandersArtCreation of new body of work for three major exhibitions
Eva GonzalesBiologyReconstructing Phylogeographic history of sea oats (Uniola paniculata), and its application to conservation & restoration of coastal habitats
Andrew HeckertGeologyNames & Numbers-unifying the Triassic relative and radioisotopic timescales
Alexandra HellenbrandForeign Languages & LiteraturesPerforming Literature and/as History: The Stadtmuseum of Wolframs Eschenbach
Scott LudwigArtCreative Research at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium research facility in Chauvin, LA and Terrebone-Barataria Bay Barrier Islands
Howard NeufeldBiologyThe ecophysiological significance of red stems: Do anthocyanins act as light attenuators, antioxidants or both
Jody ServonArtMultimedia Exhibition at ArtCenter/South Florida
James ShermanPhysics & AstronomyScattering and Absorption of Solar Radiation by Atmospheric Aerosols-Implications for Regional Climate
Lynn SieffermanBiologyA long-term research project investigating the behavioral ecology of Eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis)
Neva SpechtHistoryReconstructing the Blue Ridge Parkway's Construction
Mark VenableBiologyPilot Scale: Biodiesel Production from Algae
John WalkerBiologyDo symbiotic ericoid mycorrhizal fungi allow rhododendron to sequester N?