Board of Trustees Grant Recipients


  • Kin-Yan Szeto (Theatre & Dance) "Staging Nostalgia: Theater and Dance of the Chinese Diaspora"
  • Mira Waits (Art) "The Station: Policing through Architecture in the British Empire"
  • Jacqueline Ignatova (Sustainable Development) "Women and Food Justice in Northern Ghana"
  • Richard Rheingans (Sustainable Development) "Creating a Community-Based Partnership for Tropical Forest Research in Costa Rica"


  • Jill Ehnenn (English) "Audacious Lives: A Biography of Michael Field"
  • René D Harder Horst (History) "Indigenous People, Internal Displacement and Environmental Collapse in Neoliberal Paraguay"
  • Darci Gardner (Languages, Literatures, & Cultures) "Archival Research on the Influence of American Women Regionalist Writers in France"
  • Hye-Sung Kim (Government & Justice Studies) "South Korean Foreign Policy Expert Survey on Nuclear Non-Proliferation"


  • Brian MacHarg (International Education and Development) "From Nation-Building to Service-Learning: The Ghana National Service Scheme"
  • Courtney McGahee (Physics and Astronomy) "Investigation of the Shell Stars in the Southern Hemisphere"
  • Dinesh Paudel (Sustainable Development) "Community Networks and Resilience in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal"
  • Richard Rheingans (Sustainable Development) "Long-term Effects of the Native Species Tree Plantations on Forest Restoration and Carbon Sequestration in the Atlantic Lowlands of Costa Rica"


  • Sarah Carmicheal (Geological and Environmental Sciences) "Can geographic isolation help you survive a mass extinction"
  • Andrew Heckert (Geological and Environmental Sciences) "The roots of the rise of ruling reptiles - Early Triassic microvertebrates from Gondwana"
  • Christopher Seitz (Health and Exercise Science) "An exploration of the economic impact of a smoke-free Croke Park"
  • Heather Waldroup (Art) "Archives in Suva, Fiji"


  • Darci Gardner (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) "Archival Research for an Edited Collection of Marie Krysinska's Poetry"
  • Jeremiah Kitunda (History) "Proverbs as Sources and Subject of History: A Case Study of Kamba proverbs from Eastern Kenya"
  • Cuong Mai (Philosophy and Religion) "Traditions and Transformations in Early-modern Vietnamese Religions"
  • Gregory McClure (Curriculum and Instruction) "Education for Liberation and Sustainability: An Ethnographic Protrait of New Dawn Middle School"


  • Joseph Cazier (Center for Analytics Research & Education) “Bee Data Standardization: Collecting Data to build Global Data Standard for Beekeepers”
  • Jeffrey Hirst (Mathematical Sciences) “Dagstuhl Seminar 18361
  • Brian MacHarg (Office of Academic Civic Engagement) “From Student Mobilization to Service-Learning: Kuliah Kerja Nyata in Indonesian Higher Education”
  • Scott Relyea (History) “Learning to be Colonial: 'Effective Occupation' and Early Twentieth Century Chinese Settlement of Eastern Tibet" 


  • Dinesh Paudel (Sustainable Development) "The politics of the post-earthquake reconstruction and emerging community resilience in Nepal"
  • Xiaorong Shao (Belk Library & Information Commons) "Resource Guide and Case Study of China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)"
  • Kin Yan Szeto (Theatre & Dance) "The Art of Crossing Cultures: Performing Literature in Chinese and American Perspectives"
  • Xiaofei Tu (Languages, Literatures, & Cultures) "War Memories in Japan and the Yasukuni Shrine"


  • Emily Daughtridge (Theatre & Dance) Travel to India to study traditional dance & yoga 
  • Kara Dempsey (Geography & Planning) “The European Migration Crisis: Perceptions, Reception and Integration in Europe”
  • Jari Eloranta (History) “Equality and Convergence? Comparative Mirrors on Nordic Economies in the Long Run”
  • Cameron Lippard (Sociology) Travel to Costa Rica to investigate migrant labor conditions in the coffee industry
  • Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce (Geology) Travel to Kenya to study geographic distribution of primates in the Early Miocene


  • Jill Ehnenn (English) "Bernard Berenson and the influence of Renaissance art on Michael Field's Catholic Poems"
  • Jeremiah Kitunda (History) "The African Proverb Project"
  • Derek Martin (Geography & Planning) "Losing the Connection: Monitoring the Geomorphic Conditions of Amazonian Headwater Streams in Anticipation of Andean Hydropower Development"
  • Benno Weiner (History)


  • Jeffrey Bortz (History) "The Mexican Labor Regime from Revolution to Defeat"
  • Suzanna Bräuer (Biology) "Linking Microbial Community Composition to Methane and Carbon Dioxide Flux: Assessing Climate Change in Boreal North America"
  • Susan Lappan (Anthropology) "After the Fires: Long-Term Responses of an Endangered Ape Population to Anthropogenic Habitat Damage"
  • Tatyana Ruseva (Government & Justice Studies) "Renewable Energy Development in Southeastern Europe: The Case of Bulgaria"


  • Sarah Carmichael (Geology) "Geochemistry of an Early Human Footprinted Ash - Tanzania"
  • Chuanhui Gu (Geology) "Heavy metal Leaching from Land Application of Biosolids in Mudflats of China"
  • Tom Hansell and Patricia Beaver (Center for Appalachian Studies) "After Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities"
  • Andrew Heckert (Geology) "Analyzing Aetosaurs from Argentina: An International Triassic Paleontology Project"


  • Rosie Tighe (Geography & Planning) "Gaining an International Perspective on Gentrification"
  • Johnny Waters (Geology) "Climate Change, Mass Extinctions, Predation and Changes in Biodiversity"
  • Kin-Yan Szeto (Theatre & Dance) "Making Theatre out of Historical Tragedy: The Politics of Trauma and Healing in East-West Perspectives"


  • Kathleen Schroeder (Geography and Planning) "Regional Newspapers at Sources of Spatial Data in Bolivia"
  • Chie Sakakibara (Geography and Planning) "Tales of the Whale: Climate Change and Cultural Response in the Azores"


  • George Ehrhardt (Government and Justice Studies) "Religious mobilization in Japanese elections"
  • Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce (Geology) "Searching for Human Origins in Southern Africa: An expedition to document Quaternary hominin footprints in the Namibian desert"
  • Brian Zimmer (Geology) "Cementing Our Place in History: Providing Age Constraints and Regional Context for Early Hominid Footprints in Volcanic Ash"


  • William Anderson (Geology) "Groundwater Research in the United Kingdom: Coastal Groundwater Modeling and a New Tool for Reconstructing Past Changes in Sea Level"
  • Eli Bentor (Art) "Historical Study of Aro Masquerade Performance"
  • Vicky Grube (Art) "Authentic Art Making in Two Cultures"
  • L. Baker Perry (Geography and Planning) "Climatological and Ecological Investigations in the Cordillera Vilacnota, Peru"