About Grants Resources & Services

Grants Resources & Services (GRS) strives to support the mission of Appalachian State University to advance knowledge via research and scholarship.

GRS seeks to increase the capability and competitiveness of Appalachian faculty and staff to receive internal and external funding for research, creative endeavors, and program development.

What GRS can help you with: 

  • PREPARE (PREParation for Appalachian Research Experiences) research mentoring programs
  • Research Development
  • Consultations to refine project ideas into fundable topics
  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Applying for internal grants
  • Applying for limited submission competitions
  • Obtaining sample proposals and other grant writing resources
  • Editorial assistance with grant proposal narratives
  • Strategies and resources for developing competitive proposals
  • Second language editorial assistance with grant proposal narratives
  • Collaborative initiatives between Appalachian State University faculty and staff and their counterparts at other institutions and agencies
  • International research programs assistance
  • Professional development opportunities related to grantsmanship and extramural funding
  • Assistance with Data Management Plans
  • Subscribing to or submitting content for the Office of Research blog

Each research, creative, and scholarly endeavor varies. Choose an option above to get you started or to continue planning your research agenda. Not what you're looking for? Click here for additional resources.