Internal Funding Opportunities for WCOB Faculty

These internal grant opportunities are available to faculty from the Walker College of Business:

WCOB Dean’s Club Research Grants

Dean’s Club grants assist faculty in paying expenses associated with conducting high quality, impactful research. New research projects and projects that reflect a new direction of current or past research projects (i.e., the researcher has conducted a study in a subject area and now wishes to extend the research in a new direction) will be considered.

Grants are available to tenured and tenure track faculty in increments of up to $1000. Awards greater than $1000 may be considered under special circumstances. Faculty may apply for more than one research grant; however, only one application per research project will be considered.

Allowable expenses include costs related to survey respondents, data collection, travel for data collection and equipment. Grants do not support faculty stipends, dissemination of journal articles or research findings, or travel to present research findings. All applications are reviewed and awarded by committee. Recipients will be asked to participated in the annual Walker Dean’s Club research grants poster session, which provides a venue for sharing and discussing these research projects.

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