Internal Funding Opportunities for All Colleges & Departments

These internal grant opportunities are available to faculty from all colleges & departments:

University Research Council (URC) Grants

The mission of the University Research Council is to stimulate, encourage, and support research across all segments of the University community. The URC is committed to a broad and inclusive definition of research, including both pure and applied research as well as scholarly creative endeavors. Each year, a portion of the facilities & administrative (F&A) or indirect funds generated by external grants and contracts are used to support faculty research activities with grant awards of up to $5,000. The University Research Council reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Chief Research Officer. Contact

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Board of Trustees (BoT) International Travel Grants

These award provide travel funds for faculty members whose research projects require travel outside the United States. The goal of the program is to support international research at Appalachian. Proposals for research in both basic and applied/professional fields are welcome. These awards will fund foreign travel to libraries, archives, museums, laboratories, computer facilities, natural settings, government agencies, corporations, etc. that is essential to the research described in the proposal. These awards cannotbe used for the following:

  • Travel to conferences to disseminate research results
  • Travel for the purpose of making presentations or keynote speeches
  • Travel for research required for completion of a degree or certificate.
  • Research supplies or other non-travel expenses

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Research Development Travel Grants

The Research Development Travel Grant was developed to improve the competitiveness of Appalachian State University research proposals by facilitating interactions with prospective federal sponsors.

The program grants up to $1,000 to defray the costs of travel to external federal funding agencies in order to meet with program officers to discuss proposals, agency programs, upcoming funding opportunities, and proposal strategies.

This program is available to faculty or indefinite staff members and priority is given to early career faculty who are planning to apply to specific agency programs or those who have received prior positive reviews and are in the process of revision and resubmission of a research proposal.


Requests for funds to travel to meet with program officers and prospective sponsors can be made at any time.


Since applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the fiscal year, meritorious requests are supported on a first-come-first served basis. Requests will be reviewed and applicants should receive funding decision notification within two weeks of application submission.

Principal Investigators requesting funding should be prepared to travel at least 3 –6 months prior to a funding deadline and should secure an appointment with the funding agency prior to making travel arrangements.

Faculty awarded a Research Development Travel Grant must submit a final report documenting the outcomes of the travel within one month of meeting with the funding agency program officers. The report must include future plans, including submission of a proposal to that agency, or a substitute agency, and a brief description of how your project or proposal will respond to the information gained in the meeting. Please submit reports via email to Grants Resources & Services (


Any faculty or indefinite status staff member is eligible to apply. Others may apply with the appropriate permissions of both the Dean/Division Head and the Vice Provost for Research. Principal investigators may apply for only one Research Development Travel Grant in a twelve-month period.

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Faculty Reassigned Time Program

The Faculty Reassigned Time Program (FRT) for Proposal Development program supports the development of competitive grant applications for external funding by providing selected faculty with reassigned time (course release). Faculty members who are eligible to serve as principal investigators (PI) on externally funded grants are encouraged to apply for funding.

The Office of Research will provide funds to support the cost of a replacement instructor for one 3-credit hour course. The amount of funding provided will be based on the actual cost of the replacement instructor.


For Fall review –Noon, August 16, 2019

For Spring review –Noon, January 10, 2020 (anticipated, not confirmed)

Information for Applicants

Application Prior to applying for these funds, you must have the support of your department chair.


The Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics (RIEEE) was established to underscore the University's dedication to sustainability by fostering related research.  The CONCERT grant program is our primary seed funding mechanism.

The program supports new and existing research projects that involve one or more of the RIEEE core research areas and align with any research priorities described in the call for proposals. While collaborative, multidisciplinary or ”convergent” research is preferred, it is not required. Research teams may be composed of faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, EHRA administrative staff, and others such as research professors and external collaborators.  Students may not serve as the primary applicant.  

Program details, including previous competitions and awards, can be found here.

Appalachian Innovation Scholars Program

The Appalachian Innovation Scholars Program supports innovative research and practice by Appalachian faculty and staff throughout all disciplines and program areas on campus. The program supports faculty and staff thought leaders who are working creatively and entrepreneurially to:

  • address challenges;
  • create lasting Institutional change;
  • provide community and societal benefits;
  • establish opportunities that increase student engagement with research, creativity, innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship; and
  • promote broad-based sustainability in the areas of economics, equity, and the environment.

The programs is intended to compliment other innovation initiatives at the university, such as those offered through RIEEE, Office of Sustainability, Office of Research, AppLab, IDEX, and others.

Scholars may each receive support of up to $10,000. While there is a strong emphasis on projects completed within one year, applications will be considered for a two-year support cycle. Applicants whose grants require an expense of more than $5,000 within one semester are asked to address this in their application. Projects, approaches and results might include, but are not limited to:

  • research that leads to innovative thought within a discipline;
  • the development of new classes;
  • campus events that promote innovation;
  • student engagement experiences that build community and support creative and data-based approaches to arrive at solutions;
  • design initiatives that address a campus, community or societal challenge; and
  • partnerships with town, county, state, national or international partners.

Projects that support or connect university strategic initiatives are welcome. These initiatives include: sustainability in the areas of economics, equity and the environment; diversity; student research; global learning; wellness and safety; and community and civic engagement.


Applications, which include a narrative of the project and detailed budget with justification, are due by November 13, 2017 and will be reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff from the Innovation Campus Working Group.

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